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Our team is built from experienced and motivated Education Experts who are committed and forward thinking. We are dedicated to deliver the best available solutions based on Finnish pedagogy. The back office team is here to support and to enable our projects to be carried out with excellence!

arin kuva
Ari Perälä

Pedagocigal Content Expert

Ari has been working earlier as Early Childhood Expert in China. He is in charge of ECEC content development in Huippu. Ari is interested about nature, sports and science. He also excellent teacher trainer!

Ernest O'Neil

Senior Education Advisor

Ernest holds Ph.D. International and Development Education. He has been active participant in numerous regional, national and international conferences and training  workshops on rights based approach, education in emergencies, educational reform, strategic planning, research and evaluation. Ernest is active member of American Educational Research Association (AERA), Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), International and Comparative Education Society (ICES) etc. He has done several interesting publications.

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Jaana Kalliokoski

Pedagogical Director

Jaana has worked more than 15 years as a principal in primary schools. She is enthusiastic educator who has working experience from fragile areas like Cambodia and Philippines. Jaana knows Finnish education system deeply and has excellent team leader skills.

Elli Heino | Huippu Education
Elli Heino

Pedagogical Content Manager

Elli is an Experienced Special Needs Education and ECEC specialist. She has been working in teacher training in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle east and managed projects where Finnish education excellence is exported to other countries. Global education and supporting the teachers in vulnerable situations are her passion. Elli has a Master of Arts degree in Special Needs Education and Early Childhood Education.

Hanna Prami
Hanna Prami

Service Designer

Hanna's mission is to design optimal service experiences that take a customer centric and holistic view on the issues Huippu Education is trying to solve. Customer centric approach is maintained by gaining a solid understanding on the customer personas and the challenges they have. Smooth processes and continuous product development ensures that Huippu Education can deliver the best possible solutions for its customers. Hanna is also a marketing professional, concentrated in digital channels and content marketing at Prami Growth Agency.

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Laura Indrén

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

With master of arts degree in home economics, special needs education and adult education, Laura has a strong academic knowledge in education. Having toured the globe running several international projects within education she also has the practical side covered. Driven and motivated by the ideology of changing the world child by child by quality education, her mission is clear - Huippu Education aims to bring in all the projects effective education, child-centred approach and customised services for enabling teachers to deliver their precious and highly important work.

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