Skills assessment and capacity building for teaching staff

Is your staff equipped to teach the skills needed in the future? Huippu Education's Skills assessment and capacity building framework brings your teaching staff to 21st century level one skillset at a time.

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Meet tomorrows demands today

The future of education and skills

The 21st century skills have been globally recognised by the OECD as the skills all future learners are required to conquer.

The current century will demand a very different set of skills and competencies from people in order for them to function effectively at work and as citizens in the rapidly changing digital society. This means that in addition to the traditional academic subjects, we should emphasise the teaching of skills such as critical thinking and learning how to learn. Moreover, we should be building competence. While a skill can be defined as ability to perform tasks and solve problems, a competence is the ability to apply learning outcomes adequately in a defined context. We should be building competence, in addition to teaching a skill.

How to implement the teaching of 21st century competence in practice

Huippu Education offers an assessment framework that evaluates the current strengths and areas of improvement within the teaching staff. The evaluation is done by using a digital platform and is based on research created over the years at University of Helsinki and piloted in several learning facilities. After the evaluation a customised training plan is provided for the tested skills.

Set the baseline

Evalution phase

Evaluation phase

The participating individuals will use a digital platform to test their skills, one skill set at the time. The tool helps teachers to identify their strengths, interests and areas of improvement.

These 7 evaluated core competences have been globally recognised as the most important 21st century skills needed in the future. The evaluation framework is based on academic research from the University of Helsinki. The approach  is originally based on the Finnish national curriculum and supports its implementation, pedagogy, and learning concept. 

The evaluation is focused on these 7 core competences

  1. Thinking and Learning to Learn
  2. Cultural Competence, Interaction and Self-Expression
  3. Self-Care and Managing Everyday Life
  4. Multiliteracy
  5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Competence
  6. Working Life Skills and Entrepreneurship
  7. Participating, Influencing, and Building a Sustainable Future

Data Analysis

The technology used in the evaluation phase is provided by Claned digital learning solution.

The evaluation phase uses a combination of machine learning and manual analysis.

Individual training recommendations

After the data analysis a report and training recommendations are conducted for each participant.

The training recommendations are based on the identified strengths and areas of improvement of each evaluated staff member. Rather than training the whole staff with the same content, this is a cost – and time-effective way to build the capacity.

The price of the evaluation phase depends on the number of evaluated participants. Please contact us for a quote!

Road to success

Training phase

Online training

According to the results on the evaluation phase, Huippu Education will recommend a customised and individual training path for each participant.

The 21st century competence is segmented to different skills, and each skill is divided into skill levels. The training recommendations are based on the current level of the evaluated individual and the desired level defined by the establishment.

The training phase consist of online modules as well as in-person training. For optimal efficiency and best results, we recommend that the training module always entails in-person training, in addition to an online training section.

The online training modules range from 300-700€/participant, depending on the extent.

In-person training

In-person training is the part where theory becomes practice. Our experts give your teaching staff the tools, techniques and methods needed in the daily classroom practice.

Our pedagogical expertise is based in the globally renowned Finnish pedagogy and customised to fit the individual need of each client.

The trainings will be customised to the real need of the client as they will be planned according to the analysed data received from the evaluation.
Based on the desirable level the client wishes to be at regarding a particular skills set, a training will be planned and conducted. Blended learning methods will be used, as part of the training will be delivered digitally and partly face-to-face.
After the trainings have been conducted a new assessment will be done in order to measure the real results of the process. This will ensure the training facility will be enable to use the results as evidence based.

In-person training in priced per participants.

White paper

12 essential 21st century skills we should be teaching our children

Is your school teaching the highly needed 21st century skills effectively? Download a white paper that lists the core skills our children need in the future.

Download white paper
12 most important 21th century skills

The benefits for the establishment

The benefits of incorporating a competency-based approach to learning for a school, institution or other establishment are wide ranged.

  • It enables innovative teaching methods
  • It enhances learning results of students
  • It drives  deep learning and understanding instead of memorising
  • It cultivates teachers' ability to identify different learning styles
  • A modern pedagogical approach makes the establishment more attractive

Based on academic research

The concept behind this service has been developed by a group of Finnish researchers. The aim was to help to teachers in discovering their own strengths, where improvements are to be made and ideas for implementing 21st Century skills in their daily school work.

The underlying pedagogical approach is based on the internationally acclaimed Finnish national curriculum. The framework supports its implementation and learning concept and was originally designed to be used by all Finnish teachers, schools and municipalities.

The 21st century competence assessment framework has been trialed and tested in practice, in several learning facilities across Finland.

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