Huippu Education is specialised in Early Childhood Education & Care, Primary Education and Vocational training. Education enables and ensures better and independent future. By teacher capacity building and providing access to quality education, you are investing in your future.

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Huippu Education - Online learning

Online learning

Build your team’s expertise or rebuild your own skillset. Huippu Education’s online courses provide throughout understanding of the Finnish education system and give you practical tools and methods to be successful in your own work as a teacher or pedagogue. Our online courses are designed by professional teachers. You will get personal feedback and concrete tools to apply in the classroom.

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Huippu Education Teacher Capacity Building

Training Services

Teacher Capacity Building

Finnish pedagogy is based on child centred approach – natural cognitive development determines how our children learn, when they learn and what motives them to learn. Huippu Education trainers provide customised training based on blended methods, digital and in-service, in order to equip the teachers to implement Finnish inspired teaching methods globally. Especially when resources are limited it is important to use them effectively.

Huippu Education Training Services are designed for

  • ECEC
  • Primary
  • Vocational levels

Training Services

Education in Emergencies

There are 2.2 billion children on the world – 1 in 4 of world’s out-of-school children live in crises-affected countries. Education in emergencies is lifesaving as schools bring alongside education, stability and routine to help cope with the hardships. The schools are often overpopulated and are ran in several shifts, teachers might not be qualified to handle such large number of traumatised students and the curriculums are often outdated. The circumstances are mentally and physically very demanding and the Finnish pedagogical methods have great ease for this.

Huippu Education offers customised and evaluated training for teachers in fragile areas. The trainings are intense and focus on such issues as

  • Positive class room management
  • Skill and play-based learning
  • Special education
  • Phenomenal learning
Education in emergencies
Huippu Education Special Needs Education

Training Services

Special Needs Education

All children are individuals and their learning paths are equally individual. Some need special support in particular fields where others need to be offered more advanced tasks. By recognising and nurturing these individual needs and offering earliest possible support, it is possible to prevent problems and unnecessary hinders.

Huippu Education uses research-based pedagogical methods to approach special needs students and by inclusion they will benefit and progress individually. The Finnish pedagogy acknowledges this and Huippu Education provides the tools to utilise them. Intensified and special supports are based on careful assessment and long-term planning in multi-professional teams and on individual learning plans for pupils.

Categories of support:

  • General
  • Intensified
  • Special support

Consultation Services

Learning Environment

The Finnish Inspired Learning Environment evolves from the elements of the nature: soothing colors, texturized surfaces and cosy shapes. Learning environment plays a major role in child's cognitive development. Bearing in mind the importance of all structures to be safe, easy to wipe and keep clean.

The physical Learning Environment needs to be planned out so that the interaction of children is supported, safe and inspiring. The elements mentioned above need to be considered based on their age and development level. The aim is to create pedagogically versatile and flexible entirety. The Learning Environment is always psychological, physical and social. The curriculum is created to support it, and vice versa.

All equipment used are also part of this entirety – these needs to be researched at the location. This layouts are created to give a guideline and to communicate an overall idea of the physical Finnish Inspired Learning Environment. Implementations will be executed at the location led by a Huippu Education Project Manager.

Huippu Education Learning Environment
Huippu Education Learning Environment


Huippu ERASMUS+ Vet learner program

Erasmus+ is a European grant scheme, which encourages young people to gain work experience internationally. We are able to offer a complete solution for your ERASMUS+ program so you can deal with one agency for all your mobility needs! We are able to organise placements specific to your students' area of study. 

What we offer: Accommodation (Apartments, hostels or hotel), language courses, social and cultural program and travel arrangements.

Erasmus+ funding is usually enough to cover basic travel costs, work experience, accommodation and some activities. The funding depends on your home country, your destination and length of stay.

Please contact us for more information about any of our programs. We would love to hear from you!

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What are the 12 most important 21st century skills we should be teaching our children?

The world is forever changing and our children need to be taught the skills to survive and succeed in the evolving environment. Is your school teaching the highly needed 21st century skills effectively?

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12 most important 21th century skills

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