Explore examples of projects we have done.  Our experts has been involved to varying degrees in writing education project proposals for bilateral and multilateral agencies. We have participated national and international workshops and seminars. If there is anything you would like to know, please contact us, we are happy to tell more.

Helsinki, Finland - December 2020

Cooperation with UNICEF

Children in Palestine face considerable challenges to fulfill their potential and become active citizens. Many are exposed to unacceptable levels of violence, exploitation and grave violations on the way to and from school, during school, and in their homes. Exposure to violence in the short and long term negatively impacts their mental, emotional, behavioral, social and physical well-being of children and unless they receive counseling these effects can become worse over time.

Huippu Education trains teachers on positive pedagogy skills and a strength-based approach for the prevention of violence in schools including bullying and positive discipline. The target is to train 1,400 teachers (1,000 in Gaza and 400 in West Bank).

Two sets of training will be provided by the education professionals from Finland to selected institutions in State of Palestine to strengthen school-level prevention of violence, including bullying of which either one or both can be chosen.

The first set of training will focus on preventive measures through the introduction of positive pedagogy, including recognition of pupils’ individual strengths. This includes the introduction of school-level peer guidance program. Second set of training will provide an understanding of bullying as a phenomenon and its effects, recognition of bullying in school and specific tools to act when bullying and conflicts arise in school with the option of reinforcing peer mediation skills.

Huippu Education's training combines theoretical knowledge with practice on social interaction. Training targets to trigger participants’ reflection on existing culture and challenge the norms which promote violence and bullying to initiate change in behavior. Huippu Education trainers use participatory, active and engaging learning methods. These methods can be incorporated into classroom activities for children to learn non-violent ways of expressing themselves and interacting with others in everyday life. Huippu Education produces a digital learning platform to support the reduction and elimination of school-based violence and bullying.

"We are very excited about our new partnership with Unicef! This is exactly what our company wants to do more in the future!"

– Laura Indrén CEO

Lagos, Nigeria - November 2018

Finnish Education Masterclass

Our visit to Nigeria provides a great example of our exclusive and customized educational services. Huippu Education was invited to Lagos, Nigeria to train education professionals on the insights of the Finnish Education system. The training “Finnish Education Masterclass” was arranged in Ikeja, Lagos for education professionals coming from various schools from different parts of Nigeria. Second part of the visit was reserved exclusively for Grace Schools in Lagos, where Huippu’s experts provided a customized workshop for early years teachers.

"I enjoyed the training a lot! Especially the new methods, active exercises and practical tips."

– MasterClass participant

Huippu Education | Lagos, Nigeria
Huippu Education | Lagos, Nigeria
Huippu Education | Lagos, Nigeria

Chtaura, Lebanon - April 2019

Capacity building workshop

Our capacity building workshop in Lebanon is a good example of partnering with a local educational NGO and working with underprivileged schools in fragile areas. Huippu Education arranged a teacher capacity building workshop together with our partner MAPS, to support Syrian teachers in Chtaura, Lebanon. The teachers were trained with active, learner-centered methods on positive discipline and classroom management to support child wellbeing in schools. Huippu’s trainers also visited schools after the workshop to see how teachers were implementing the new methods in their classrooms.

"The activities were excellent and helped the teachers to present their lessons well and especially to the teachers with low experience."

– MAPS, implementing partner

Huippu Education | Chtaura, Lebanon
Huippu Education | Chtaura, Lebanon
Huippu Education | Chtaura, Lebanon

Amman, Jordan - 2019

Creating a fusion curriculum together

Our project in New English School in Amman, Jordan is a good example of long term partnership and creating a fusion curriculum together with our client. Huippu’s education expert was positioned at the school for the six months project. The school teachers and management were trained and coached by the expert throughout the project. Methods such as coteaching and mentoring were used, and the teachers received individual training and support from the experienced Finnish teachers. Additional extensive trainings were held twice during the project, joined by Huippu’s other specialists and trainers.

New English School is now implementing their Early Years program with a fusion curriculum that combines the best parts of Cambridge curriculum and Finnish ECEC curriculum. The learning environment in NES Early Years department also went through a significant renovation during our project, to better allow active and playful pedagogy both indoors and outdoors! The daily and weekly schedules were modified to meet the Finnish project-based and child-centered teaching philosophies. Also, the family collaboration was strengthened and the families were trained on the Finnish early childhood education principles.

"The trainers were very friendly and had excellent knowledge of the trained content"

– Preschool teacher

Huippu Education | Amman, Jordan
Huippu Education | Amman, Jordan
Huippu Education | Amman, Jordan

Abidjan, Ivory Coast – October 2019

eLearning Africa

Huippu Education took part in eLearning Africa 2019 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The visit included school visits and meeting with World Bank as well as meeting different investors and conference participants from all around East Africa. Participation in such a big event resulted in finding many potential new partners in Africa, for example in Ghana. Huippu Education is committed to work together in the field of education, to support the learning and development in Africa.

Huippu Education | Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Helsinki, Finland - October 2019

Introduction to Finnish ECEC

We were excited to host in Helsinki a group of investors from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during a workshop “Introduction to Finnish ECEC”. Our guests enjoyed the Finnish experience, especially the guided study visits to three different Finnish daycare centres. It was understood, that even in a short time, it’s possible to make an impact and share a lot of practical information. Currently the group is constructing an ECEC centre in Ho Chi Minh City, with information and inspiration from Finland.

Huippu Education | Helsinki, Finland
Huippu Education | Helsinki, Finland
Huippu Education | Helsinki, Finland

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