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Every child and youth deserves a chance to have a say in how their future shapes up, the right to aim for their dreams and the right to study without fear. Huippu Education works towards providing better future for children and youth in fragile areas through teacher training.
Overall well-being and a holistic understanding of the development of a child is crucial. By creating profound foundations during early childhood the positive results can be seen decades on.
We believe in child-centred approach and the supporting of the natural development when teaching the children and youth the 21st century skills.
We are constantly looking for new, enthusiastic professionals from the field of education. Our latest recruitment need is in Amman, Jordan within the private sector with the following specks:

* Be a part of inspiring and innovative community dedicated to pedagogical revolution
* Multicultural and multilingual environment
* Expand your knowledge, share your professionalism and enthusiastic towards ECEC
* Produce training material, implement new methods and to be part of a change

* Degree in early childhood education from university or university of applied sciences.
* International work experience as a qualified teacher in early childhood education
* Commitment to work abroad in a different culture
* Contract needed may vary from 3 months up to 1 year
* Fluent English, written and spoken
* Excellent pedagogical skills and understanding of ECEC
* Positive attitude and creative mind

Contact Laura Indrén to learn more about Huippu Education and the position we are hiring for!

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Partner, Business Developement

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