Huippu Education - Jul 15, 2020

Sneak Peek to our Online Learning Platform

You may have noticed that we at Huippu Education have developed several online courses for teachers and educators around the world. We get asked a lot how does our online platform look like and is it easy to use.

To answer the second question: yes – it’s very easy to use!

And to the first one: we would love to show you.


In Finland, we have a proverb that says “don’t buy a pig in the bag”. It means that you shouldn’t buy something without seeing it first. That’s why we want to give you a sneak peek on our Vuolearning platform, which is a great educational innovation from Finland.

We love it, and we hope that you will too!

Please, watch the video with us to see how an actual online course would look like on your laptop. All the courses have also a smartphone view, so learning with your phone is easier than ever!

What’s typical of our online trainings?

  • Various learning methods, not just slideshows and answering multiple choice questions
  • Learning through reading text, listening to audio, watching videos
  • Discussions with other participants and Q&A sessions with the Finnish trainer
  • Creative assignments with personal feedback from the trainer
  • Everything is based on Finnish pedagogy

Check up the frequently asked questions about the courses, ans our answers to them. 

Let us know  if you have any other questions about our online services – and hope to see you in one of our courses!


Written by Huippu Education

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