Huippu Education - Jun 25, 2020

Online teacher training courses

The last few months have challenged education providers, schools and teachers around the world to re-think and re-arrange the ways of teaching and learning. We wanted to respond to the global learning crisis with creating new ways to keep supporting schools and teachers with high quality Finnish education. That’s why we came up with online courses that offer online learning on a platform that is simple to use and accessible with any device.

Currently we provide online teacher training courses on the following topics:

The course selection will be updated frequently and new courses are added to the repertoire.


So why choose one of Huippu Education's online courses?

This is a question we have thought about a lot. For us it is important to maintain the in-person coaching touch although the course is held as an online learning course.

All of our courses are built by experienced and motivated education specialists and based on the pedagogical approach of the Finnish education system. Finnish pedagogy is based on child centred approach. Natural cognitive development determines how our children learn, when they learn and what motives them to learn. We want to equip the teachers worldwide to implement Finnish inspired teaching methods and to empower the teachers with knowledge, practical tools and methods to be successful in their work.

You will get personal feedback of your learning progress and practical tools and methods for the classroom. We want you to be successful in your work. The courses have different kinds of modules:  text, video, audio, assignments – not just text and questions. The structure is modular, so you can divide the course to smaller pieces.

What do I need to get started?

To participate in the course, you need an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You also need an email address to register for our online platform. 

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