Huippu Education - Apr 22, 2020

Huippu Education takes part in a significant vocational training project

Huippu Education Ltd. is excited to be part of a groundbreaking project In Asia. Finnish education consortium has recently agreed on a significant development project in Technical and Vocational Education and Training. The agreement is worth approximately 4M euros.

Huippu Education participates in the project to modernize over 150 vocational training schools to meet international standards. The project is led by the Soprano Group.

We are happy to share our education expertise in the project and collaborate with the forefront Finnish Education service providers and institutions, such as MIF, Tieturi, TAMK, OAMK, Tredu, Riveria, Claned, EduRes Consulting, Lentävä Liitutaulu.

Together we can truly make an impact.

Written by Huippu Education

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