Huippu Education - Oct 22, 2019

Future of education (or shall we say learning?)

As jobs and sectors are rapidly changing and going through a turmoil, education is also feeling the heat. As jobs change fundamentally, education needs to change too.

The whole approach towards education does need to be re-thinked. Instead of us to refer and talk about education, as some task given to us from above, we should be addressing it as “learning”, the future of learning.

Learning will become more dynamic, digital, personalised and motivating. The renown 21st Century Skills will become as a norm. Such skills (or competences, which ever you wish to use as a term) as creativity, critical thinking and empathy will be a standard in a primary school curriculum. How does this fit into our thinking of academics? Well, subjects (math, geography and biology to name a few) do not disappear anywhere.

The OECD recognised skills will be woven within the subjects. The old manners of emphasising the skills of learning by heart will be deleted eventually.

Scary? Yes. Amazing? YES!

Learning will be more available for all, the ancient way of testing just for the academics will no longer meet the requirements of the modern world. Digitalisation and technology will enable more widely for individuals to take the matter into their own hands and to seek for the information to support their personal learning. Learning will no longer be the privilege of the few.
Huippu Education, Jordan
How do we prepare ourselves to this change? Let’s be the change. Let’s ensure our children are well equipped and that our teachers have amplified amount of knowledge and understanding to teach our young and innovative minds.

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