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Distance learning solutions to support teachers during the coronavirus outbreak

Teachers and educators worldwide are facing a new and challenging situation. How to cope with teaching in the new situation? How to manage distance learning and support the individual needs of students? Nobody has the answers to these questions yet, but many are trying to help. There are several educational tools that offer free resources to tools that are best suited for distance learning.

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  • 10 monkeys – math games for elementary school students and early learners
  • Eduten over 200,000 math tasks
  • eMathStudio – for middle school to university level mathematics


IT skills

  • 3D Bear – AR learning app 
  • Code School Finland – Coding, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for basic education
  • Mehackit – open source technologies such as Arduino, Processing and Sonic Pi


  • EdVisto – an online video storytelling platform
  • Fun Academy – 12 weeks of Astronaut Training for children
  • Funzi – learn practical skills to improve personal and professional life
  • Mightifier – for students’ positive mental well-being
  • Pulpo – for use of digital learning materials
  • School Day – tool for teachers for emotional check and online dialogue
  • TypingMaster – for  touch typing mastery
  • Vuolearning –  e-learning platform 

For teachers

  • Freeed – for teachers to connect, discuss and share resources and teaching tips
  • Kindiedays – helps educators and families to stay connected 
  • Lyfta – helps teachers to create memorable lessons
  • Seppo – lesson plans into an interactive online game 
  • Thinglink – visual experiences for student-centered learning
  • TinyApp – pedagogical assistant for teachers

Other solutions

Some best practices

Turning from classroom teaching to distance learning overnight is not an easy task. Some best practices to consider are, for example:

  • Stick to one communication channel to parents, make sure the parents know where they should check the messages directed to them.
  • Be consistent with communicating with the students. They'll learn when to check in and how communication with teacher will go.
  • Use the different learning applications wisely. Especially for younger students, it usually requires assistance from parents to download or sign in to the different apps. If the parents are at the same time working remotely themselves, this can be overwhelming. All children don't have access to smartphones or laptops.
  • Despite the digital environment, try to have 1:1 personal communication with each student in some shape or format. 
  • Be patient. The situation is new to us all, but we'll manage it.

How can we help?

What kind of help would you as a teacher or your school need?  Is there an app or tool that is missing from the list? We are happy to help.

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