Huippu Education - Sep 3, 2020

9 practical tips for distance learning in preschools

Teaching methods for in-class and distance learning should offer the children opportunities to learn all the same things, only now the teaching methods need to be rethought. Well planned and organized daily activities used in-class or shared by the teachers in distance learning maintain the structure and bring routine for the child's day.

Even if learning doesn't happen in a classroom, activities should be inspiring, age-appropriate, and suitably challenging. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily.

Here are 9 practical distance learning tips for preschools

  1. Plan the distance learning with pedagogical activities that link to the curriculum objectives.
  2. Use technology to stay connected with the families.
  3. Support collaboration between educators, children, and parents.
  4. Provide well thought, age-appropriate activities in a daily sequence.
  5. Support the children's learning in real time with 30-minute live session at a specific time during which parents are asked to be present or nearby.
  6. Document learning.
  7. Make observations of children's learning and link them to the preinstalled curriculum objectives to strengthen children's learning journey
  8. Compile and share the children's e-portfolios to keep parents engaged and motivated
  9. Collect learning statistics to develop teaching and learning further

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