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Empower teachers with the renown and research-based methods from the Finnish pedagogy. Allow children and youth to have a better future through quality education.

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We believe in the power of education
- quality education.

Every child and youth deserves a chance to have a say in how their future shapes up, the right to aim for their dreams and the right to study without fear.

Overall well-being and a holistic understanding of the development of a child is crucial. By creating profound foundations during early childhood the positive results can be seen decades on.

We believe in child-centred approach and the supporting of the natural development when teaching the children and youth the 21st century skills.

No generation worth losing!

Huippu Education - Online learning

Online learning

Build your team’s expertise or rebuild your own skillset. Huippu Education’s online courses provide throughout understanding of the Finnish education system and give you practical tools and methods to be successful in your own work as a teacher or pedagogue. Our online courses are designed by professional teachers. You will get personal feedback and concrete tools to apply in the classroom.

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Other services

Teacher Capacity

Customised training to equip the teachers with Finnish inspired teaching methods.

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Education in

Customised and evaluated training for teachers in fragile areas.

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Special needs

Research-based pedagogical methods to approach special needs students.

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The physical Learning Environment needs to be planned out so that the interaction of children is supported, safe and inspiring. 

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Finnish Education Week

Finnish Education Week gives an introduction to the Finnish pedagogy and education system as well as powerful action steps.

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Finnish Education System

A new approach in

Why trust a Finn?


It is not rare for the Finnish education system to be praised at the news. Whether it is the high scores in PISA results, excellent teachers or the equality of education. The question remains: why should other countries follow the lead and adapt to the Finnish system?

Well, the short answer is that they shouldn’t. On the other hand, adapting some of the pedagogy, approaches and methods, and fusing them into the local system – now that makes sense.

One of the major differences between the Finnish Early Childhood Education & Care ideology and the rest of the world, is the approach to learning methods. By no means this is the only difference within the education methods, but surely it is an interesting one.

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Are you planning to train your teachers online?

Are you planning to develop the professional capacity of your group of teachers? Are you considering to purchase an online training for them? There are several things that can affect teacher’s capacity to participate in the course and also either boost or decrease their motivation to study. Download checklist and make sure that your teachers get the most out of the course.

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Huippu Education - Developing the professional capacity of teachers

Huippu Education


News and insights on education and pedagogy.

Typical daily activities in a Finnish preschool

Typical daily activities in a Finnish preschool

9 practical tips for distance learning in preschools

9 practical tips for distance learning in preschools

Sneak Peek to our Online Learning Platform

Sneak Peek to our Online Learning Platform

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In order to provide you the best possible services we have partnered with some of the best professionals. Our global partners will ensure you will receive the latest knowledge, research-based methods and innovative technological solutions.

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